BinSensors is a software application that seeks to contribute to the development of smart cities by improving the waste collection process. Thanks to the implementation of new technologies, BinSensors allows the planning of waste collection in an easy, fast and environmentally friendly way.

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What is the current problem?

Planning waste collection in the city is not a simple task. We often find overflowing containers generating infectious sources, bad smell and obstructions in the sidewalks and streets. One of the most common problems is that we cannot know how full the bins are until we see them.

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How does it work?

Our BinSensors optimize the operational performance of the collection service by integrating technology into current urban containers. It transforms any type of container into smart through technology based on ultrasound sensors that measure the filling and report the status of each container in real time.

Through our online management system it is possible to monitor the collection map and serve the areas with the highest demand, generating intelligent routes that allow drivers to pass through those containers that are full.

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What are the benefits?

Times improving
Our software always calculates the shortest and most efficient route to reduce collection times. Our algorithms generate smart roads considering the distance between the containers and possible traffic jams or roadblocks. Our monitoring system works 24 hours a day.
Cost reduction
With the application you can calculate the shortest route, generating significant reductions in costs of petrol, human resources and maintenance of the containers.
Real time reports
The online management platform allows you to monitor the status of the containers in real time and generate reports instantly to calculate costs, savings, routes and much more.
CO2 emissions reduction
BinSensors contribute to reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the CO2 emitted by collection trucks.
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